adj. moniliform

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  • Moniliform — Mo*nil i*form, a. [L. monile necklace + form: cf. F. moniliforme.] (Biol.) Joined or constricted, at regular intervals, so as to resemble a string of beads; as, a moniliform root; a moniliform antenna. See Illust. of {Antenna}. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • moniliform — MONILIFÓRM, Ă adj. Care formează un lanţ de corpuscule mici, sferice. [< fr. moniliforme]. Trimis de LauraGellner, 14.06.2005. Sursa: DN  MONILIFÓRM, Ă adj. (biol.; anat.; despre un canal, cordon, filament) în formă de şirag de mărgele, cu… …   Dicționar Român

  • moniliform — [mō nil′ə fôrm΄, mənil′ə fôrm΄] adj. [< L monile (gen. monilis), necklace < IE base * mono , neck (> MANE) + FORM] shaped somewhat like a string of beads; specif., consisting of, or having, a series of alternate swellings and… …   English World dictionary

  • moniliform — adjective Etymology: Latin monile necklace more at mane Date: circa 1803 jointed or constricted at regular intervals so as to resemble a string of beads < a moniliform root > < moniliform insect antennae > …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • moniliform — resembling a string of pearls, said of the notochord in Teleostei where it is alternatively thread like and expanded in cavities …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • moniliform — adj. [L. monile, necklace; forma, shape] Beadlike; resembling a string of beads; contracted or jointed at regular intervals …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • moniliform — moniliformly, adv. /moh nil euh fawrm /, adj. 1. Bot., Zool. consisting of or characterized by a series of beadlike swellings alternating with contractions, as certain roots or stems. 2. resembling a string of beads in shape. [1795 1805; < L… …   Universalium

  • moniliform — adjective Having a form resembling a string of beads, where the component parts or segments are more or less uniform in size and are spherical or rounded in shape …   Wiktionary

  • moniliform — Shaped like a string of beads or beaded necklace. [L. monile, necklace, + forma, appearance] * * * mo·nil·i·form mə nil ə .fȯrm adj jointed or constricted at regular intervals so as to resemble a string of beads * * * mo·nil·i·form (mo… …   Medical dictionary

  • moniliform — shaped like a string of beads Shapes and Resemblance …   Phrontistery dictionary

  • moniliform — adj. shaped like a chain of beads, resembling a chain of beads (Botany, Zoology) …   English contemporary dictionary

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